Jonna Jinton
Grundtjärn Sweden

Ever since I was very young I have had a desire to express myself in different creative ways. Writing has always been something I have loved to do, and in my early teenage year I started doing photography. But, it wasn't until the summer of 2010 that I really found out what I wanted to do in life and found my own way to walk.

I grew up in Gothenburg, a major city in Sweden. But in 2010, when I just had turned 21 years old I made a decision to follow a dream I had since I was very young. I left the apartment and citylife, quit my studies and moved 1000 km north to a little house in the deep forests. A little village called Grundtjärn, where my mom was born and where we always had spent some days in our summerhouse every summer. It was a decision that totally changed my life. Even though it was the start of some years with a lot of struggle and really cold winters in a simple cottage, it also was the start of living the life of my dreams.

I was longing for another life. I was longing for something that no city in the whole world could offer. A life close to nature. Silence. Misty meadows and singing birds. Quiet lakes and nightskies full of stars. Northern lights and dancing rivers. All these beautiful things that only nature can give.
I wanted to feel that quality of life and follow the changing seasons. For me that was more important than to have a fancy life in the city.

From the first day in Grundtjärn I felt the creativity come to life inside of me. I started a blog so that I could write about my new life. At the same time I started to feel a deep passion for photography and painting. The nature inspired me so much and I just had to show the rest of the world the beauty of the nature around me. I had to express it in some other way than just words.

I felt free like a bird. Surrounded by the endless forests and the singing silence. No matter how hard it could be sometimes, I always felt that I was on the right path, and never wanted to give up. I knew I was where my heart belonged.

I have now lived here for six years, and recently I also met my soulmate Johan who now lives together with me here in Grundtjärn. Today my blog is one of the most popular blogs in Sweden, and I run my own business from my home.

I work as a photographer, blogger, singer (kulning) and artist and spend my days doing different creative projects.